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        "The North Face traction mule slippers are starting to become very popular in the thrifting community. Not only do they come in a variety of colors, but they are great at providing comfort for your feet if you are out thrifting all day. They’ve quickly become my go to shoe whenever I go out to work.

        My days are balanced between being a year round student studying psychology and exploring my passion and career in vintage resale. While school is important to my family, it is much more important to me because completing my degree will make me a first generation graduate. I value my family and often make the trip out to Illinois, where I’m from, to visit them. The vintage community for me means a few things: I get to offset the negative relationship between fashion and the environment, I am surrounded by a diverse group of people within the community that share and contrast my values, and I get to support myself through something I’m passionate about. It has been important for my growth as a reseller and a student to understand the uncertainty in all things.


       Selling vintage as a full time job can be unsteady and I am humbled seeing both those in the community that are struggling and those who have “made it.” This uncertainty also exists throughout college as education does not always guarantee you a job. There is also a competitive side to the aspects of my life while people in the vintage community are growing and the field of psychology requires a lot of change for new growth. Comfort has not yet been an option for me, but I am grateful for the opportunity to do what I love and the ability to do it while in school. Nothing excites me more than finding and selling someone’s trash."


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