"My daughter has been one of the busiest, hard working people I have ever known. She keeps 4 children in check with the youngest being 3 years old with 3 teens, need I say more? It came to a sudden halt while I was there visiting in March as I just moved to Florida before this happened. Diagnosed with Stage 3 Ductal Carcinoma. 


       Oh god please watch over my child, how could this be happening? She is as strong as I knew she would be. She is a warrior!  She hung up her work and mom life to fight cancer with everything she has.  At this point we have 4 strong doses of chemo under her belt, 2 to go. Surgery and radiation to follow.  God has given her a test, but she will come out ahead with a bright future. 


       To walk a mile in her slippers is tough, but she’s got this. She wears them to every treatment, at home and sometimes to the grocery store! They have become a comforting staple for her. 


       She’s been given strength, a husband, children and parents who love her immensely. And an outpouring of love from all who know and love her. God bless all of them." 


Love mom and dad