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       "I have been wearing law enforcement boots for over a decade.  Never did I think that I would work inside the bars and I certainly never thought I would make it a career.  I have learned a lot in my time wearing these boots and I have seen and experienced things that I wish I could forget.


       Prior to these boots I wore boots that were much the same.  I spent 6 plus years in the US Army Reserve as a Combat Engineer wearing black leather boots.  Almost 10 years later I pulled on a pair of black leather boots once again and started my career in law enforcement.  


       I have excelled in this career and absolutely love what I do but it has tested me.  There have been days that I wasn't sure I could do it anymore.  Experiences that I would not wish on anyone.  I have dealt with people who are at their lowest and those that have done unimaginable things.  It has been hard on my physical health and certainly difficult on my mental health.  Although I try to leave work at work there are days that I bring experiences home with me.  My family has stayed by my side through the good days and the bad, I thank the Lord every day for that.


       I have now come to a point in my life that I am watching my oldest son follow in my very own footsteps.  He now pulls on his boots as a member of the MN National Guard the same as I did for the US Army Reserve.  He is pursuing a degree and ultimately a career in Law Enforcement.  I can not put the amount of pride I have in him into words, he certainly has the best of me.  With that I also carry the burden of worry as to what his path is going to challenge him with.  I do not want him to experience half of what I have experienced in my time wearing these boots but if he stays on this path I know that he will have to face terrible things.  My only hope is that the good experiences outweigh the bad and that I have given him the tools and the strength he needs to face the things that most would consider to be nightmares. 


       To anyone who is looking to get into law enforcement.  Please remember to take care of yourself as well."

-Nick Eckstrom

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