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boot with features of a hiking boot, and style of a fashion boot. This versatile shoe can be worn as an everyday boot when not on the trails. It is much more stylish and neutral than the typical bulky hiking boot.



A concept for a light fixture that not only lights up a space, but acts as a sound machine. 

For those who live in urban environments but love nature and the outdoors, this sound machine plays nature noises while lighting up in a sequence of corresponding colors. 

It has a very modern/outdoorsy aesthetic and is perfect for a cozy living space. 


Wallflower created In Solidworks and rendered in Keyshot. The objective of this project was to perfectly replicate an object as a CAD model. 

night rider air

Drone concept that uses no blade technology. This drone is specialized for those who want to night fly, specifically night photographers. The 360 camera is mounted on the bottom of the form and less likely to break off than the standard drone cameras. The outer rim around the drone will glow for a modern look and for easy sighting during flight. 


Strap on rollerblades concept.

After doing user research, I found many people don't like to rollerblade because of the hassle of taking them on and off, as well as them being too bulky to carry around. Eliminate carrying around shoes AND blades, instead strap any shoe onto these adjustable wheels. I took inspiration from sporty complimentary colors and old antique strap on roller-skates. 

reel 10

Speaker concept to play your favorite cassette tapes out loud. It seems to me that everyone has that old nastalgic box of cassette tapes. Blow the dust off and gather around to play your old jams out loud. This design is small, portable, and modern, making it very versatile for anyone. 


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